Women In Islam !

Women value In Islam !

Status of Women! The Truth……..

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Assalam Alaykum,

Dear brother and sisters,

I hope you all are in the best of health & iman inshallah.

Today I would like to share few moments with you,I hope you will also enjoy!
Well,as you all already know the reasons to run this website, i saw lots of articles showing low status of women in Islam.

I know that all those words are wrong,so i never thought to verify there words,and i never thought what’s the status of women in those peoples(who run Anti-Islamic sites) religion,which insulting Islam.

today morning i was Optimizing my website with women relate contents in google.In this i found a link which really made me laugh.and i thought how its possible. such idiot peoples asking the status of women in ISLAM.why they are not looking in there own religion.

I’m talking JEWs ,Christians,Hindu’s,let see good points !

In JEWS womens are not allowed to sit in front seat of Buses….ha ha ha

common,i’m not joking brothers and sisters,they are really not allowed to sit,no matter what ever is condition of female.read below……

Very recently an incident made the news which involved a bus that specifically serves a community of Orthodox Jews. In this bus women must sit at the back and men must sit at the front. This way the men will not have lustful thoughts about the women, since they will not see them (we will just have to assume that their thoughts are pure when women are boarding the bus while their wives sit in the rear). In this incident a woman who suffers from motion sickness sat at the front seat so she could look out the front window, alleviating her problem. She does this on the advice of her doctor. There was no problem when she hopped on the bus. It was largely empty and she explained to the driver what her medical condition was. But then later in the journey a bunch of men boarded, and a commotion ensued. They demanded she move to the back of the bus. She tried to explain what her problem was but they refused to listen. They demanded the driver move her, but he said what could he do — physically pick her up and place her at the back? The woman bravely sat in her seat, only to find one of the men had begun to pray loudly to God that she see the error of her ways and move to the back. All this barely days after Rosa Parks died, the woman who sparked the civil rights revolution in the U.S. for refusing to give up her seat on the bus.

To Read More Kindly Visit below Link !



Written by KING-slave of ALLAH !

March 19, 2009 at 11:27 pm

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